The Barber Program trains students with basic skills needed to pass the State Barbering Licensure Exam.  The Barber must develop an attractive appearance, exhibit a pleasant personality and observe professional ethics.  Upon completions of this program, our students will become proficient at cutting, styling, beard and mustache trimming, clipper cuts and trend design.
The Barber Program provides:
  • provides personal service to their clientele
  • gild grooming
  • hair cutting
  • shampooing and rinses
  • hair arranging
  • hair coloring
  • chemical waxing and relaxing
  • shaving
  • manicuring
  • facials
  • scalp and hair treatments
  • hair pieces
Barber Curriculum                1000 hours
Shampooing 39
Scalp & Hair Treatment         15
Hair Shaping                           50
Hair Styling                              285
Permanent Waving                95
Chemical Relaxing                15
Hair Coloring                           125
Skin Care                                  60
Science & Sanitation               75
Unassigned 240
Total Hours 1000

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